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Engage UCLan Steering Group

We’ve formed an Engage UCLan steering group- the main purpose of the group is to share best practice, contacts and ideas for engagement, and to ensure that we continue to embed the core principles of the Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research and remain true to both the Manifesto for Public Engagement and our own internal definition of Public & Community Engagement, which reads: 

Engagement is by definition a multidirectional process, building connections, exchanging knowledge and sharing expertise with the goal of generating mutual benefits and understanding. 

Appreciation of the breadth of this activity is essential; inclusive of public and community engagement, innovation, enterprise, research, volunteering, dialogue and debate. We are all each other’s publics.

In the spirit of being transparent and open, the group agreed that notes from each meeting will be posted on this blog. This will enable us to share more widely the ideas and opportunities that are brought to the meeting and be receptive to any suggestions, criticisms and ideas from the wider community. 

The first meeting took place on 17th September and the main purpose was to agree how the steering group would operate. The following was agreed:

The Engage UCLan steering group will:
1. Provide guidance to Schools in setting and meeting the public engagement aspects of the delivery plan.
2. Drive engagement opportunities across the institution
3. Raise the profile of public and community engagement and ensure a coordinated approach
4. Create partnerships
5. Ensure integration with regional projects and activities
6. Receive reports from the Creative Communities Group, and ensure coordination of activity
7. Ensure progress against the Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research
8. Receive reports from the Lancashire Science Festival steering group and ensure coordination of activity
9. Share information and best practice

Our next meeting takes place on Wed 30 October, and every 6 weeks from then on. If you’d like to bring any matter to the groups attention, please comment below and we’ll add it to the agenda. We will also look to open up the meeting to external partners- let us know if you’d like to be involved