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Possible Preston ‘twig’ of the British Science Association

We seem to have reached a critical mass of engaged researchers, involved community and great ideas. And it seemed to me that we could tie a lot of fab activities together under the banner of the British Science Association. For those of you that may not be familiar with the BSA, they are the national organisation for public engagement with science- indeed their core aim is to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of sciences.

Yesterday we welcomed Pam Buchan, BSA Regional Officer, to UCLan to talk us through how we could set up a branch. Initially, our branch will be more of a twig, until we are confident that we have enough volunteers and momentum to become a fully fledged branch.

Some great ideas were suggested- at the heart of our events programme will be a Cafe Scientifique style event. Cafe Sci, as the name suggests, takes researchers into cafes, or bars, to discuss their research in an informal manner. We used to have a Cafe Sci in Preston and it was well received, so this seems like a simple place to start. Other ideas included science busking in the supermarket and a programme of discussion events about diversity in science.

So now we need more volunteers- anyone interested?