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Ogden Trust Lancashire Schools Physicist of the Year

Last night we held the Lancashire Schools Physicist of the Year award. I love this event. We write to all schools in the area that offer A level physics and ask them to select their top student. Some teachers choose students that are high achievers, others choose students who need a bit of a confidence boost.

We invite all the students, plus their proud families, to a nice awards evening, with a buffet and wine. They get to meet some of our research staff and then we have a public lecture from one of the researchers- last night Jo Bibby talked about her ‘Journey to the Stars’ a very inspiring tour of her research career and subject, which is the Death of Massive Stars.

The event is sponsored by the Ogden Trust- all the award winners become Ogden alumni and are eligible for scholarships and other benefits.

It’s a lovely event, meeting bright students and proud parents.




Events! So many events!

October is the month of events. And many had a women in science theme, as Tue 15th Oct was Ada Lovelace Day.

At the weekend we held two events as part of Preston’s first feminist festival- the Ladyfest. UCLan hosted a discussion and Q&A on females in business, which was led by entrepreneur and former Dragons Den star Rachel Elnaugh. The event was really inspiring, although Rachel’s faith in energy, vibration and auras did test the scientist in me a little!

On Sunday UCLan campus was inundated with girls aged 7+ and women from many, many careers, for a networking session. The aim of the event was to show girls that they can do anything that they like- they met forensic scientists, paramedics, computer scientists, roller girls, accountants…and their aspirations were truly diverse, from politicians to footballers.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the ScienceGrrl ‘because science is for everyone’ lecture, at the Uni of Manchester. This was delivered by Brian Cox, who is a keen supporter of public engagement and increasing participation in science. I was invited through the Ogden Trust, who were sponsoring the event and therefore making it free for schools to attend. It was wonderful to hear so many young people ‘wowing’ at science.

And on Monday I spent the day in a primary school in Westgate, Morecambe. I ran a Science Question Time session- the children were encouraged to ask me anything they liked about science, working in science, or- as it turned out- about life in general. As a light touch evaluation I asked the group to draw a scientist at the start of the session- only 3/75 drew a female scientist, and everyone stuck with the mad hair, white lab coat stereotype. By the end of the session they drew a much more diverse range of scientists! Excellent.

And last night we held our Physicist of the Year event. I’ll blog about that separately



Ogden Trust Lancashire Young Physicist of the Year

Tonight we’re celebrating the achievements of Year 12 students from across Lancashire who have been nominated as the top Physicist in their school.

They’ll be treated to a nice buffet (including cakes), be entertained by some science busking, chat to some of our physics researchers, enjoy a lecture from Dr Robert Walsh on Solar Astrophysics and go home with a certificate and a book token and something great to add to their CV.

Looking forward to it and hoping the weather doesn’t disrupt things too much

Ogden Trust Science Officers

EngageUCLan is back in the office after three days with the Ogden Science Officers- Yi, Ally, Sian, Shane and Katie.

We discussed the implications of the White Paper on teacher training, looked at how our various institutions were gearing up for the REF and measuring impact and shared plenty of ideas. Highlight of the meeting was the maths and physics busking performed over dinner on both evenings and stand-up mathematician Matt Parker’s amazing memory tricks.

Thanks to Ally at Warwick for hosting us and to the many academic staff and science teachers at Warwick that contributed to the meeting