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We’re at the NCCPE conference

EngageUCLan are excited to be off to meet other public engagement people at the NCCPE conference in London. Plenty of exciting learning is promised, from running festivals (this will be useful) to social media (how to make more of this blog perhaps..?) and networking opportunities abound.

And, I’ve already said this, but Bright Club on a boat!

Ogden Trust Science Officers

EngageUCLan is back in the office after three days with the Ogden Science Officers- Yi, Ally, Sian, Shane and Katie.

We discussed the implications of the White Paper on teacher training, looked at how our various institutions were gearing up for the REF and measuring impact and shared plenty of ideas. Highlight of the meeting was the maths and physics busking performed over dinner on both evenings and stand-up mathematician Matt Parker’s amazing memory tricks.

Thanks to Ally at Warwick for hosting us and to the many academic staff and science teachers at Warwick that contributed to the meeting