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Doctor Who: The Science Behind The Scenes

Tardis (2)To celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who, we are holding a great Doctor Who themed event on Saturday 16th November, here at UCLan:

Doctor Who: The Science Behind The Scenes

The idea behind the event is to celebrate all that we love about Doctor Who whilst giving people a bit more information about the ‘science’ side of science fiction.

So in the spirit of ‘Bring On The Science’, not only are we going to have a visit from the brilliant Hyde Fundraisers (lovely chaps who use their love of all things DW to create amazing masks and costumes and in turn raise loads of money for a selection of brilliant causes – see them on Children in Need this year), screenings of loads of classic Doctor Who episodes and the marvellous Paul Stenton’s (UCLan’s Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre Manager) ‘Paul’s Real Deal’ where you can bring along your Doctor Who toys and memorabilia to have them valued an authenticated.

And in breaking news, Stephen Gallagher, a Doctor Who scriptwriter will be visiting us to hold a Q&A Session and Autograph Signing. Stephen wrote ‘Warrior’s Gate’ in 1981 in which Tom Baker played Doctor Who and ‘Terminus’ in 1984 in which Peter Davison played the good doctor. He has also written extensively for screen (including Bugs, Chimera, Chiller, Murder Rooms and more. He is the creator of Eleventh Hour and was the lead writer on Crusoe) and is now an acclaimed author of several novels and short story collections, ranging from period horror to modern thrillers.

Not only all this, but to really set Doctor Who: The Science Behind The Scenes out from the rest, is our packed schedule of sessions that will be looking at differing aspects of exactly what is going on in Doctor Who; is it possible and how do they do that?

Session include:

  • Doctor Who: Science Fact or Science Fiction (Matt Dickinson)
  • Is Doctor Who a Modern Doctor (Prof Paola Dey)
  • Creating Worlds for Doctr Who: The Science Behind The Illusion (Dr Andrew Ireland)
  • The Psychology of Doctor Who (Dr Sarita Robinson)
  • Is Time Travel Possible? (James Davies)

All this for only £5 for an Access All Areas Pass? Whovians rejoice!

For further information and tickets please see https://drwho-uclan.eventbrite.co.uk/