“The main reason for science communication engagement is to pass on the enthusiasm of science…”

huwWe caught up with astronomer, presenter and adventurer, Huw James who will be performing his latest live show Limitless at this year’s festival.

Huw will be pushing the limits of the human body in his show for the curious minds. With live demonstrations and eye-opening experiments, this on stage theatre show is suitable for those fascinated by science.

After graduating university, Huw went on to work at his local science centre before learning the do’s and don’ts of science communication while working at Science Made Simple. His job now takes him all over the world and as well as taking his expertise to the stage and screen. Huw is enthusiastic outdoor adventurer and gets involved with surfing, rock climbing and other sports.

He said: “For me the main reason for science communication engagement is to pass on the enthusiasm of science, the knowledge and the impact this has on people who don’t know or understand what science is about. I get to make these shows and it’s nice to have a job were you can to continue to learn.

“STEM engagement is so important because we need more people, we are starting to see people take it past university, trying to get more women involved, having a diverse group of people creates diverse knowledge.”

Packed full of live demonstrations and jaw-dropping experimentation, LIMITLESS pushes both the boundaries of live science shows and those of human physiology. He will be reaching out to the curious minds of the audience “people that ask, are intrigued and eager to know even if its not necessarily about the science.”

We also asked Huw what he is looking forward to at this year’s festival, he said: ”  I’m looking forward to seeing different people at the festival, I’m always excited to see Jon Wood and the Science of Construction sounds pretty good,  dinos have also always been a passion so they should be good fun.”

To see what Huw is up to and any other projects he is involved in take a look on his website or follow him on Twitter.

Tip for anyone wanting to get into science communication:

“Don’t forget that there’s not just one way into it, there’s the science part and then there’s others who take a different route, anyone can do it as long as they want to, you just have to believe in yourself.”