UCLan Distinguished Visitor Programme Public Lecture Series:

Best practices for offering development assistance to people with disabilities in economically disadvantaged countries: Using transformative mixed method research with Deaf communities

Amy Wilson

The lecture will be followed-up by a one hour workshop Deaf/Hearing Researcher Collaboration Working in Economically Poor Countries:  Orientating your employer, stakeholders and yourself.

By Professor Amy Wilson, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. USA

18 June, Thursday, 2-5 pm 

Brook Building 008

Contact: JYang9@uclan.ac.uk

Professor Wilson has been the Programme Director for the MA International Development course in the Department of Education at Gallaudet University. She is an expert on research in evaluation and programme management, designing many curricula on training teachers of the deaf, cultural diversity and disability studies, and she has worked internationally in collaboration with many organisations, researching how to empower deaf people and those with disabilities in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and South America. She has written and published many academic journal articles and book chapters, and a significant book in collaboration with Donna Mertens called “Program Evaluation Theory and Practice: A comprehensive guide” which was published in 2012.


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