Soapbox Science 2015

Soapbox Science are now looking for female speakers to be part of their annual public science communication event.

They are looking for scientists, researchers, academics and PhD students to be part of this year’s event and share their passion for experimentation, discovery and innovation with the rest of the UK.

The event brings cutting-edge science to the public, in an accessible, fun, free and un-intimidating way. Some of the UK’s top scientists will take to the streets to allow people who would not usually consider science, hear about it first-hand.

Soapbox Science runs for 3 hours over an afternoon in the summer. The event is divided into one-hour sessions, with 4 to 5 speakers per session. Speakers stand on custom made “Soapbox Science” soapboxes, arranged in a semi-circle, facing slightly inwards, to facilitate the crowds’ movements.

There are seven events at several locations this year. For more information or to find out which event you can be part of apply here before the 23rd of February.


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