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This year’s Lancashire Science Festival – A Pupil’s View

So, obvously everyone here at Engage UCLan loves the Lancashire Science Festival – and we were just blown away by the success of this year’s event. But we also love to hear how other people, whether they be exhibitors, staff, visitors, teachers or pupils felt about it. Whether the feedback is positive or negative it all heps to shape future Science Festivals, but to be honest when we receive letters like to lovely one below, it just makes us grin from ear to ear!

Dear Lancashire Science Festival,

We are writing to tell you about all the fun we had at the Science Festival at UCLan. Thank you for inviting us, we had a great time!

When we arrived we went into a room and listened to the science band and learnt about neutrons. We especially loved the song about gravity! The glowing words were awesome!

After that we went to see Titan the Robot. He was really funny and we liked it when he squirted water at everyone! We all thought it was amazing that Titan could move by himself without any help.

Then we went into a room and learnt about a film called RoboCop. We saw that scientists make electronic hands that move the same as normal hands! We thought that it was cool what science could do. We met a robot called Monty and she was really cute (for a robot!).

We had lunch and then we went into a big hall full of different stalls. There was a stall where you could get your finger printed. Our favorite stall was where we got to spin around on a chair.

Finally we went back into the room we went in to watch the science band, but this time there was a mad scientist! He was amazing. Did you know that camels spit instead of sweating? He told us that!

Sadly we had to go home but it was a great experience. Our favourite part was seeing Titan the Robot.

Thank you again for inviting us, it was amazing!

This fantastic letter was written by two Year 5 pupils from Middleforth C of E Primary School. We’re so glad that you had as much fun as we did!

Jenny VERY happy afetr receiving the lovely letter!

Jenny VERY happy after receiving the lovely letter!


LSF - Power Up logo (CDM version)

UCLan’s Lancashire Science Festival 2014 Power Up exploded science fun all over campus for all ages. The many many months of planning were all defiantly worth it – the team had an amazing time and we have all finally got our sleeping patterns back to normal after all the crazy science chaos. This year’s festival nearly blew the roof off the university with three jam packed days, with over 6500 visitors, two sell-out evening events, the incEdible Bake Off and a #LSFSelfie competition! We also ran out of visitor lanyards, which we thought near impossible! We would not have been able to make the festival happen without the support, friendliness and enthusiasm of our sponsors, colleagues and friends so we would like to say a great big thank you.

IncrEDIBLE cake off

Our IncrEDIBLE Science Cake-Off judges!

Feedback from the general public, school groups, head teachers and families has been wonderful here are some of the lovely comments we have received:

“To everyone involved in today’s fantastic festival…THANK YOU!!!! You have made 12 very keen scientists even more inspired and eager to join the world of science! Our children loved every moment of the day; from organisation to entertainment, you ticked all the boxes!” Science Coordinator, Devonshire Primary School

“Without doubt it is my favourite festival to work for. I’m always impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and friendliness of all the staff” Matt Pritchard, the Science Magician

“The Science Festival is just one example of an agenda that we’re really good at and I’m very proud to be the VC of a university that is leading the way in”- our VC, Gerry Kelleher

Titan - Saturday 1

Titan and the crowds on our general public day

The new aspects of the festival – Lancashire Science Festival Lates were a huge success with both selling out! The Festival of the Spoken Nerd session was full of geektastic fun and comedy – we loved it! Our other late session was an adult only Surgical Spirit: The Science of Cocktails were attendees listened to the fabulous mixologist, who talked everybody through the science of alcohol, and how could we forget the 5 free cocktails!

Planning for next year’s festival has already started so watch this space. The team feel a little bit sad and mopey; without the yellow t-shirts, walkie talkie code names and bizarre to do lists of having a festival around the corner! We can’t wait to turn UCLan’s campus into a science frenzy zone again next year and always we promise it will be bigger and better than ever.

Zoo Bus - snake 1

The amazing Dr Mike with two science mad students and a snake!