The First HeroLab Entry Is In!

Today we received the very first entry for our HeroLab competition!

HeroLab is a collaboartion with the Public Engagement Unit, UCLan Engineering lecturer, Matt Dickinson and professional comic book artists who have worked for both Marvel and DC. The project aims to encourage more children to think about the power of Engineering through the medium of a real-science comic strip. Matt has already been turned into a Superhero (he’s awesome!) but the competition is now open to school children (aged 11 and under) to come up with either his Superhero partner or Supervillian nemesis. The best characters will then be professionally drawn and will feature in the concluding half of the HeroLab comic.

Our first entry is The Mad Hatter – an evil Supervillain, designed by a 7 year old budding comic book artisit who features a Laser Arm, Super Speedy Shoes, a Stone Arm and most terrifyingly Super Wedgey Power!

The Mad Hatter - beware the wedgies!

The Mad Hatter – beware the wedgies!

The closing date for entries is 30th January 2014 – read the first part of the comic and download your entry form at

If only I were 11!


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