Engage UCLan Forum- 25th Sept, all welcome

Welcome to all our new readers- I hope you’ll join us at the first Engage UCLan forum of the new academic year.

Wed 25th September, 13:00-15:00 in Scholars

For those of you that don’t know, this is an open forum to discuss all aspects of ENGAGEMENT. We have a few fixed items:

The Lonely Hearts Board– do you have an idea for a project, but need a team? Or a particular skill you could offer? Pop your details on the LHB and find a perfect partner.

The Big Question– we invite discussion and debate around one of the big issues in engagement; perhaps something that a colleague has experienced and would appreciate help with, or a challenge across HE.



The Opportunities Board– lots of chances for you to get involved. Feel free to advertise your own opportunities here.

This month I’m pleased to announce that we will be joined by Rachel Dorris, Engineering Masterclass Coordinator at the Royal Institution. She’s looking for partners to deliver masterclass sessions, and we’re hoping UCLan could host a series. Come along, find out more and get involved.

And as always, there will be coffee and cake 🙂

Jo H-M


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