Harris Flights- opportunity to get INVOLVED

 I’m really excited about this new project that has been developed by UCLan’s Professor of Art in Public Places, Charles Quick.

He’s going to have a flight of stairs constructed that lead into the Harris Museum in Preston.

The odd thing about the Harris is that although it has a lovely portico, the steps are actually hidden to the sides of the building, and at first approach it is hard to find the way in! Charles’ idea is to open up the museum, to get the public inside and also- to bring the museum onto the streets.

And that is where you come in. We are looking for dancers, muscians, poets, comedians, scientists, historians, town criers!

Here is the call for activities:harris flights

Have you got ideas/ research/ performances that you want to share with a wider public this summer and autumn then Harris Flights is designed for you.

A dramatic temporary staircase known as the Harris Flights will transport visitors from the Flag market to the 1st floor and through the front door of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery for four weeks from the 17th August to the 15th of September, providing a backdrop for groups and organisations to put on performances and events. 

We are looking for a diverse range of projects which could range from, Science, Archaeology, Fashion, Film, Art and Design, Performing arts, Community and Local Heritage, Journalism & media, Sport activities  and more

The Harris Flights will provide a flexible platform where groups and individuals can present ideas/research/perform to a wider public in the heart of the city.

Please propose your idea on one side of A4 (around 500 words max) and submit it to cquick@uclan.ac.uk by 12 noon on Friday 28th of June. We will contact you by the Friday 5th July

If you need any other information or would like to discuss your proposal please contact Charles Quick cquick@uclan.ac.uk


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