Engage UCLan- let’s get it started


I’ve been the ‘public engagement person’ for a little while now, and things are going well. Our researchers are really getting into the spirit of public engagement, in all its many shapes and sizes. Some highlights:

  • The Lancashire Science Festival- 5000 visitors, great feedback, a perception-changing milestone of an event for UCLan
  • The Science of Superheroes lecture, where engineering meets comic book enthusiasm, taken out onto the road to a comic book convention
  • The more joined-up nature of things. Cross-institutional, cross-community working. Shared ideas, challenges, projects, cake.
  • Institutional buy-in. Senior management commitment.

It would be fair to say that there is some real momentum now. So I’m pleased to open up the Engage UCLan forum. An informal drop-in session, on a Wednesday afternoon, for conversation over coffee and cake. All welcome to discuss anything at all around public and community engagement. Yes, I did say there would be cake.

Tweet me if you want to come along @microjology

I’ll post a synopsis of the discussion here.


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